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Author: Carolyn McCrae


Three in One

I first sat down at my new laptop in the morning of the first warm day of Spring 2005 and began plotting all three volumes


A Second Edition

Her Parents’ Daughter was first published back in 2014 but I was never completely happy with it. I was really busy with my day job


Excuses… Excuses

I haven’t added any News for a few months and there are a number of reasons – both valid and not so valid.For a while

A Set Of Lies

Page Turners Awards

Unless, of course, the producers had access to a very great deal of money and the riches of Amazon or Netflix.


Competition Time – Part 1

In 2007 my first book The Last Dance (now the first part of the e-book Iniquities) was entered by my publisher (Troubador) for the David