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It’s been a while

I haven’t been much of an author for a long while. Life got in the way and when that got sorted my head just wasn’t in the right place so through last summer I concentrated on gardening and jigsaws and then, when the weather made gardening impossible (or at least uncomfortable), just jigsaws.

At Christmas 2023 I set myself the target of getting the paperback of Elwall Legacies (published as an e-book in July 2022) sorted by the Spring of this year. I kept putting this off all through January but began to tackle it on Kindle Create at the beginning of February. And I was amazed how easy it was. A knowledge of Word obviously helps with the required formatting but all the help pages were actually helpful! I’ve used Word since it first replaced WordPerfect but I still learned stuff (mainly about headers and footers) that I had either never known or had forgotten I had known.

And now Elwall Legacies is available in paperback on Amazon (search for Elwall Legacies and then choose the paperback option) or directly from me.

I’m now in process of ‘paperbacking’ Iniquities and a second edition of Her Parents’ Daughter.

I haven't been much of an author for a long while

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