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Competition Time – Part 1

In 2007 my first book The Last Dance (now the first part of the e-book Iniquities) was entered by my publisher (Troubador) for the David St John Thomas Prize for Self-Published Fiction. And I won! I was a ‘prize winning author’.
Since then I haven’t been so successful in competitions.
I entered a short story in the Mogford Short Story competition in 2018 and submitted one to The Fiction Desk. I even submitted one to the cricketing bible, Wisden – mine wasn’t published but at least I am mentioned in their 2018 edition.
I am, however, persevering.
Following one of their recruiting emails I am now in process of preparing my entries for the 2021 Page Turners Awards. I have bought the package that allows five entries across the two awards I qualify for: the Book Award and the Screenplay Award (Book Adaptation Needed).
Problem Number One: Which of my books to enter.
Problem Number Two: Which award to enter each book into.
Problem Number Three: How to create a succinct and imagination-catching Logline for each title.
Problem Number Four: Accepting that all this thought and effort will, most probably, be for nothing.
But then again… you never know…


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