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Page Turners Awards

Well… after much thought I have now submitted five of my books for the 2021 Page Turners Awards.
In the end I decided against including Iniquities and have gone for A Set of Lies, Highly Unsuitable Girl, Her Parents’ Daughter, Second Strand and Hostage to Fortune. They are all entered for the Book Award.
It was tough to decide not to enter for the Screenplay award (Book Adaptation Needed) as, despite always seeing them as mini-series as I wrote them, the more I thought about it the more expensive they would be to make.
All the books include historical backstories including the horrors of the Spanish Civil War (Hostage to Fortune) and the bleakness of Berlin and Moscow in the Cold War (Her Parents’ Daughter and Second Strand).
It is A Set of Lies which I would really love to see filmed but I realise it would be extremely difficult/expensive to film. Covering 200 years of a family’s history and including episodes in Victorian and First World War London, Regency (and modern) Isle of Wight, the Australian gold rush, the Boer wars in South Africa as well as, of course, St Helena and France, it is, perhaps, best left in the imagination of its readers.
Unless, of course, the producers have access to a very great deal of money and the riches of Amazon or Netflix.
So all five have all been submitted for the Book Award with, I hope and believe, intriguing loglines and absorbing first 3,000 words.
If I hear more I will be very happy – and also very surprised as I’ve seen some of the other competitors’ works and the standard is very high.

Unless, of course, the producers had access to a very great deal of money and the riches of Amazon or Netflix.

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