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Excuses… Excuses

I haven’t added any News for a few months and there are a number of reasons – both valid and not so valid.
For a while I’ve been very busy, being a school governor through 2021 has not been easy and there were weeks when it was very time-consuming – perhaps that was a good reason (rather than an excuse) to neglect my website. Since I left the board (more than a month ago) I have had more time.
Then Christmas and the New Year got in the way – but that really is an excuse rather than a reason as I did absolutely nothing different through the ‘holiday period’ than every other day.
I had to finish my Christmas Present jigsaw puzzles. I do like making order out of chaos and jigsaws are the ultimate test of that! Each 2000 piece puzzle took about a week.
But, perhaps most importantly, I have gone back to the book that has been knocking around in my brain for the past couple of years. It has gone through several drafts but is now approaching a fit state to let other people read, comment, correct, criticise (or praise!). It may even be on Kindle by the summer – or even as a Print on Demand…
Although it was never intended to be (characters have a way of setting their own story) The Elwall Inheritance has become part ‘Who do you think you are?’ and part ‘A House through Time’ while re-introducing my favourite couple – Skye and Fergal Shepherd (seen first in A Set of Lies, then in Second Strand and Hostage to Fortune) – who have one weekend to solve the puzzle set them.
In case you are wondering a family tree is one of the mysteries Skye and Fergal agree to solve.


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