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What’s In a Name?

The book is written, revised (many times), put out to readers whose comments have been read, digested, and acted upon – leading to more revisions to the book. Now, several months later, it is (almost) ready to go out into the world. It will be available on Amazon Kindle and (perhaps) as a Print on Demand ‘real’ book.
All I need now is the cover.
I have the basic image (which needs tweaking/simplifying) but, thanks to Colin, is more or less in line with my thinking.
The problem is the title.
Looking back through all the various drafts the title has been, variously: ‘The Village’, ‘Emily’, ‘Four Families’, ‘Elwall House’, ‘The Elwall Three’, ‘The Elwall Inheritance’, ‘The Elwall Legacy’ and finally – I think – ‘The Elwall Legacies’ though I can’t decided finally whether there should be a ‘The’ or not.
As I get the text and images ready to update this website there is still time to change!

The problem is the title

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