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Book 10 – or is it?

In 2017, after writing and publishing eight books in ten years I was ready to be ‘an ex-author’.

My husband, however, had other ideas and nagged me to put the first three (The Iniquities TrilogyThe Last Dance, Walking Alone and Runaways) into one. He was right. And there were good reasons.

Firstly, I have learned a great deal about writing (and publishing) in the years since I wrote those books. There were details to change, corrections to make and elements of the plot to clarify.

Secondly, sales figures showed that fewer people read the second part of the trilogy than the first and even fewer read the third. It was clear readers weren’t seeing the whole story as I had intended. Three years later Iniquities the Kindle e-book was completed.

If that counts as a ‘new book’ it was Book 9 and the next one will be Book 10. And there is going to be a ‘next one’ as I’ve – at last – recovered the writing bug.

I know the main direction of the plot. The characters are in the process of establishing their stories. Skye and Fergal (as introduced in A Set of Lies and seen in Second Strand and Hostage to Fortune) are being given another opportunity to employ their historical investigative skills. The Elwall Inheritance is on its way…

Watch this space!

The Elwall Inheritance is on its way...

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