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Three in One

I first sat down at my new laptop in the morning of the first warm day of Spring 2005 and began plotting all three volumes of a family saga The Iniquities Trilogy.
It started with The Last Dance introducing a family whose members, as in many families, harboured many secrets. The family had its fair share of inequalities (one definition of ‘iniquities’). Some members were from well-off backgrounds, some were, in more sense than one, beholden to others. They were certainly immoral (another definition). All this was wrapped up in the developing relationship between two young people but there are also the first hints at a mystery where what happened to men and women in the wars and revolutions of the Twentieth Century dictated events in the lives of their children and grand-children.
The second volume, Walking Alone, continued the theme of dark forces influencing the lives of the members of this family and those they loved and who loved them. The central relationship is almost overwhelmed by tragedy and the hatred and greed of others.
The final volume, Runaways, was completed in 2008 and has those ‘dark forces’, and the legacies of those earlier generations, with the upper hand. A developing relationship, this one between two members of different generations, rises to the surface as the mysteries are explained.

But… Ten years after the final volume was published I re-read the three to make an e-book of all together. I was aware that many people read one, or two of the three but never saw the whole story and I was vain enough to want people to see what I had planned from the beginning. In those re-reads I noticed errors, inconsistencies, even, ‘plot holes’ where there were unexplained jumps in the narrative. It took several runs through, continually correcting, improving, changing but I finally was satisfied and the e-book was ready to be ‘Kindled’ in the summer of 2022. The paperback was on the back-burner until a year later but now that paperback is published.

It’s been a busy winter!


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