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200 years… Or was it?

As we get used to being in the New Year I was looking at the centenaries and bi-centenaries we shall be ‘celebrating’ and found one


Using Kindle Create

As I’ve become increasingly disgruntled with the charges my publishers (Troubador for all titles apart from New Generation who published HER PARENTS’ DAUGHTER) make for


They say everything comes in threes…

This past week has seen a resurgence in my ‘authoring’ activities. First I completed Iniquities and managed to master Kindle Create to add it onto Amazon as


Author on a roll!

Having finally (after over three years) completed the re-write of Iniquities (and mastered uploading it to Kindle) I have been tackling those of my books which are


I’ve done it! I’m an author again!

Finally Iniquities is finished! Finally the three separate titles of the Iniquities Trilogy have been merged and the final e-book is currently with Amazon and will be available in Kindle form

Iniquities By Carolyn McCrae available on tablet and smartphones

Am I now an ‘ex-author’?

I haven’t written much for over a year. I’ve tinkered with my seemingly Sisiphean task of turning the three volumes of the Iniquities Trilogy into

The-Last-Dance-by Carolyn McCrae

Firsts and Lasts

In my first book, The Last Dance, Alicia Donaldson says that the last time a person does something is as significant as the first. But I have