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Having finally (after over three years) completed the re-write of Iniquities (and mastered uploading it to Kindle) I have been tackling those of my books which are not available in e-book format.

Yesterday Highly Unsuitable Girl became available in Kindle format and I’m currently working on Second Strand.

The really strange thing about all this is re-reading books I haven’t really been close to for years – it’s almost like reading them as a reader rather than the author and I ‘ve been rather surprised by how readable they are. I even cried at one point in HUG.

The other thing that has struck me is how interlinked the books are (with the exception of HUG) even though they are standalones with beginnings, middles and ends of their own.

Carl Witherby from the Iniquities books turns up (a lot older) in A Set of Lies.

Skye and Fergal, who meet in A Set of Lies, are central characters in Second Strand and Hostage to Fortune (they were in America when the murder in Her Parents’ Daughter occurred). And quite possibly they will populate more books as I get back into it.

The murder suspect and central character in Her Parents’ Daughter appears (briefly) in Second Strand and Duncan Hamilton appears in Her Parents’ Daughter, Second Strand and Hostage to Fortune.

Other minor characters crop up in the oddest places – usually Spain.

All you have to do, to understand what I’m getting at, is read them all.


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