Be careful what you wish for….

WishesWith the official publication date of A Set of Lies (29th June 2015) approaching swiftly I find myself fearing that it will sink without trace and very few people will buy it. Sixteen years of effort writing it (on and off) will result in maybe just forty or fifty ‘people days’ spent reading it. I really want what I think it deserves, which is that a large number of people buy, read and enjoy it. They can then buy, read and enjoy all the other five of my published titles.

There are times when I really wish that one (or more) of those people who will read it has connections in the television industry (a film of even two hours duration could not do the book justice). It deserves a mini-series at the very least and I would enjoy every minute of the casting process ( I know who I’d like to play the main roles), of seeing the script develop (and arguing over the bits of the book the scriptwriters deem redundant to the story) and of learning what locations had been chosen (I’d especially love a trip to St Helena).

But then what? There would be the critics, the popular acclaim leading to the lack of privacy. And then the money. Sales of my books would rocket and how would I deal with the sums generated and the tax issues? It would mean moving (with  husband and cat) from the Isle of Wight to the British Virgin Islands or somewhere only accessible by aeroplane. And I’m not good at flying. And I’d be no good at all on any red carpet.

So perhaps I’ll stick to just hoping that those who do find the book, however many or few there are, will linger over the subtleties, will appreciate the themes and will enjoy the mystery.

That will be enough for me.