2015 ? So far so good!

It’s nearly the end of (for me, a dry) January and progress on A SET OF LIES has been made.
The style proof was received and approved – the designers at Troubador have done a grand job – next step there is the typeset proof and – for me – the final chance to read and make any necessary amendments. Hopefully these will be minimal. Since its conception (in Plymouth in 1999/2000) it has been a very long gestation but it is about to engage!
Running alongside this is the beginning of the marketing and sale process.
The Advanced Information has gone out to booksellers and local shops. This, hopefully, will encourage at least a few shops to stock it!
The Facebook page for A Set of Lies has been set up https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Set-of-Lies
The Twitter account has been set up (so my fellow The Archers tweeterers are not inundated with book related stuff and my readers are not inundated with information about what used to be ‘an everyday story of country folk’ and is now contemporary drama in a rural setting’ @carolyn_mccrae for the author bits and @iowauthor for The Archers.
I also have a page on www.goodreads.com – which includes all my titles – and which I am trying to get my head around.
All I have to do is keep all these social media up to date – will there be any time to write the next one?


Spring is two thirds of the way through and what’s happening?

Liverpool Football Club may or may not win the league for the first time in 24 years – but even if they don’t come top they’ve done brilliantly.

England Cricket is going through a transition period and may or may not come out better at the other end, surely it could hardly be worse than this last winter. (Did they mean to lose against The Netherlands so Ashley Giles wouldn’t get the job?)

And I’m on my final “Director’s Cut” of the two books A Set of Lies and Her Parents’ Daughter that have occupied my mind for 12 and 4 years respectively.

Perhaps by the end of May Liverpool will be Champions, England cricket will know where it’s going and perhaps, also, I’ll be progressing publication of both titles……

And, just perhaps, it will be warm and dry again with a long hot summer in prospect……