It’s not Summer yet

PrairialAlready people are complaining about the ‘summer’ weather – but it is not summer yet. Meteorologists have that season beginning on June 1 (to make their statistics easier to calculate and compare) but traditionalists have it beginning on the Summer Solstice – June 21 this year. In the French Republican Calendar the first summer month (Messidor) begins on June 19 (Seigle).

In the French Republican Calendar (used from late 1793 to 1805 in France (and it’s territories – but surprisingly enough nowhere else) there were 100 seconds (each one 86.4% of a conventional second) in a minute, 100 minutes (each one 144% of a conventional minute) in an hour and 10 hours (each one 240% of a conventional hour) in a day. Ten days made up a décade; three décades made up a month; three months made a season and there were four seasons in the year.

Today, Thursday the 21st May 2015, would have been duodi (the second day) of décade 25 (the 25th week) An 223 (the 223rd year).

Since every month and day was given a name (to replace religious Saints’ days) today is Hémérocalle Prairial (roughly translated as Daylily day in the month of Pasture.

In the current Catholic calendar (not the one the Republican Calendar replaced) 21 May is feast day of (amongst others) St Eugène de Mazenod, the patron saint of dysfunctional families.