Publication Date

img_1197Second Strand is published, officially, on 28 January 2017.
This date was set June 2016 when it was not clear how long it would be before the text was finalised, the cover designed and the books printed.
Troubador (and I) have been very efficient and my copies were delivered a week ago, fully four months before publication date.
I do understand that there are processes that cannot be started until the book physically exists: notably marketing and the sales repping cycle – almost for the first time since the idea for the book first formed things are out of my hands. No amount of nagging by me can make anything go faster.
The Press Releases go out this week, hopefully (complimentary?) reviews will be written and interviews arranged in the fullness of time.
Sales reps will be working on my behalf to get Second Strand in front of High Street bookshop buyers (though cynically I suspect those buyers are more interested in cookery books, celebrity ‘auto’biographies and television tie-ins).
And the supply chain (about which I know next to nothing) takes a while to be put in place.
So things beyond my control are going on in the traditional world of book-selling.
And it’s a BIG BUT.
The world has moved on.
While High Street bookshops play by old rules, set and cast in concrete before the advent of the internet, the world wide web has gone its own sweet way. Second Strand is already available on the publisher’s website, on my website and on various on-line outlets (you can hardly call Amazon a ‘bookshop’ any more).
So there are things for me to do….
I must be a salesperson. I must do what I can to let everyone and anyone who may be interested that Second Strand is available NOW.
There is no need for you to wait until the end of January… Christmas presents have to be bought…

Bah Humbug!

Nine days to Christmas and it’s warm, wet and windy on the Isle of Wight this morning. Although the leaves haven’t quite all fallen from the oak tree by the front gate they have, pretty-much, left all the other trees and cover the lawn and the drive as a very real reminder that some clearing up will need to be done.
Perhaps a Christmas Day bonfire will be in order.
Having a bonfire is one of the better things to do on Christmas Day.
Bah Humbug!
Husband Colin and I were in a pub in Shropshire, quite close to the Welsh border, a few years back and prominent in the Christmas decorations was a big red banner saying
B A H  H U M B U G !
“What does that mean?” innocently asks an American tourist.
“It’s Welsh for Happy Christmas.” Says the Landlord with a knowing smile to his regulars.
“Well Bah Humbug to you all.” Replies the innocent tourist with an innocent smile and a handshake.
Perhaps that tourist, and his wife, still smile and say ‘Bah Humbug’ to complete strangers at this time of year.

Where did “Bah Humbug!” come from? Is it Dickens? It sounds like it should be Dickens? I must check.