Non Napoleonic Projects

3 book coversAll the excitement around the publication of A Set of Lies is dying down (though sales continue apace) and there is time to look at other projects, unrelated to Napoleon Bonaparte.
I have to spend some more time re-jigging my first three books (The Last Dance, Walking Alone and Runaways) into one volume. Hopefully this will be done by Christmas…..
And there is also the next new book.
In Her Parents’ Daughter a murder was committed in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight in the last week of August 2014. We know, from the first chapter, that the woman charged with this murder of a policeman was innocent despite her being arrested with the ‘smoking gun’ still in her hands. What we don’t know until the end of the book is who stitched her up and why.
Unfortunately it seems that another murder is about to be committed in this small but busy ferry town on the north west coast of the Isle of Wight. This time it is not a public event and there are no witnesses. Again we will be led to believe that the man suspected of the murder is innocent, and again we will have to read the book (currently under the working title of Acorns on the Pier) to find out
a. whether he did it
b. if he did why would he?
c. if he didn’t who did?
d. is there any link to the murder that took place in 2014? And, most importantly:
e. if there is what, and who, might that connection be?