From little seeds …….

IMG_0620The sequel to Her Parents’ Daughter is still very much in that most enjoyable of stages – the planting of the seeds.
I have the overall plot in mind, the beginning and the end (what happens in the middle will have to wait until the writing). Now, in my head, I am discovering the characters and giving them names. For each one I am deciding who they will start out being though they seldom end up as I plan since they always acquire minds of their own.
This process (waiting for the seeds to take and shoots to develop) can be done anywhere and anytime and doesn’t require a pen and paper or even a computer. Whenever I can’t hear conversations or the television isn’t compelling or the husband is involved in the book he is reading or I’m simply sitting at a window staring out at the garden I can disappear into the world I am creating. I don’t worry about writing these ideas down (or recording them on computer or any hand held device) as if I forget anything then it probably wasn’t worth remembering. (Survival of the fittest?)
It has been said that everyone has a book in their heads and that is usually the best place to leave it.
At some point I will have to decide whether those ideas I am having would be interesting/entertaining to others and, if so, to sit down at the computer and begin the process of turning them into words on a computer screen and tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and lavender on the worktop.