Bernard Lacey

Bernard LaceyWhile Napoleon Bonaparte waited aboard his frigate off Rochefort hoping for safe passage through the British blockade and negotiating with Captain Frederick Maitland on the Bellerophon (both in accepted history and in A Set of Lies) Bernard Lacey (in A Set of Lies) is busy.
On the 9th July 1815 he spent some hours in Paris with the Duke of Wellington finalising the details of the scheme that had been in the planning since 1802. On the 12th July he was on the Isle of Wight arranging with Lady Frances Frensham for a certain Cornishman, no longer Ennor Jolliffe, to be moved with great secrecy to Plymouth.
On the 13th July he left the island for Rochefort where his mixture of charm, threat and skilled diplomacy would change the course of history. Upon Napoleon’s being in the hands of the British, it would be up to Lacey to persuade the man he referred to as ‘The General’ that there was an alternative to trial, to execution or to exile to a remote island in the South Atlantic.
Anthony Andrews, when he played the Scarlet Pimpernel, is my idea of Bernard Lacey as he would have been in 1802 when he first came across Ennor Jolliffe and the plan first formed in his mind.
Read A Set of Lies and let me know who you would have cast.