A Different Coast begins

A Different Coast 1The follow up to Her Parents’ Daughter is underway….
The beginning, middle and end have been mapped out and the chapters have been outlined but whether the final book will bear any relation to these initial thoughts is another matter!
New characters appear (currently unnamed) and they will have minds of their own as to how the plot progresses, but those who have read Her Parents’ Daughter will recognise Jane Carmichael, Berndt Schreiber and Gordon Hamilton.
Also Skye Lacey and Fergal Sheppard from A Set of Lies make their appearance – as they are backĀ on the island after their successful book tour of America and are now famous for their historical detective work.
New locations also appear.
Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight, is again the scene of a murder but historical context is set by a visit to East BerlinĀ in 1981. The ‘different coast’ remains to be clearly identified….
Keep checking this website for updates of progress…..