Dominica – a year on

A year ago today husband Colin and I were aboard Queen Mary 2 approaching Roseau, capital of Dominica. My impressions, as I took photographs of the approaching island, were (and I quote my diary of the time) “Mountainous, cloudy, rainy, green, steep.”
We spent a morning there, my diary reports: “Still an undeveloped island. Lots of rainfall to deal with. There aren’t many bars and restaurants. It seems to rain three minutes in every four but, despite humidity, not unpleasant. Walked along pavements reminiscent of Mumbai (uneven!) to the cricket ground (built by Chinese for 2007 Cricket World Cup?) before heading back to a bar on the waterfront, a couple of beers each before I investigate the markets (buy some soap first one $8 the next, identical, $4!) and a handmade shoulder bag. Nice woman with her daughter said she made it – I hope she did – everything else, including t-shirts, seems to be ‘Made in China’.”
Eight months later, in early August, I chose one of the images I took that morning as the basis for the cover image for Hostage to Fortune; after all, the Caribbean features in the plot, as do other brooding coastlines (Devon, Spain).
A month later the island came back forcibly to mind with the reports of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Now every time I see that cover image, as Hostage to Fortune approaches its official publication date (end January), I think about that woman and her daughter. I hope they are safe and well.
I can’t imagine the cruise ships have returned so how are they coping – that woman and her daughter, and even the woman who overcharged for the soap; how are they making a living? Are they making a living?
Now they’ve dropped out of the news cycle does anyone care?
What a difference a year makes.
May 2018 be better one.
It needs to be.