Anomaly Competition

Anomaly Competition!

When I was a teacher back in the early 70s I used to check that my classes were concentrating by inserting something completely daft into my discussions.

For example, when talking about the formation of volcanoes I would mention men and women working deep underground turning on taps to allow lava to flow or when discussing the reasons for the development in Roman times of a settlement where London has developed I would make the suggestion it had something to do with the location of Heathrow Airport……

The idea was to jerk pupils out of their complacency by saying something so completely, utterly and obviously wrong that they just had to respond.

I have done something similar in all my books and I have done it again in the first 100 copies of Her Parent’s Daughter.

This time the anomaly is the basis of a competition.

Contact me via this website with the details and the page number.

Tell me your name and address and I will send you the 3 volumes of The Iniquities Trilogy by way of reward.