In The Short Oxford Dictionary the word 'Iniquity' has two meanings: Immoral, unrighteous or harmful action or conduct, and Inequality, inequity, unfairness. Both interpretations of the word could be used to describe the subjects covered in Iniquities Trilogy.

Over the Easter weekend of 2003 Carolyn McCrae was getting to grips with a new laptop. As she tapped away in Word, playing with tables, bullet points and outline view, she found a plot was being outlined; characters and their relationship to each other (both real and perceived) were being mapped out; the beginnings and endings of the three books were established. All she had to do was write them.

Over the period June 2006 to June 2008 the three volumes (The Last Dance, Walking Alone and Runaways) were completed and published despite Carolyn’s moving house twice and working long hours at the ‘day job’.

The Last Dance won The David St John Thomas Prize for Self-Published Fiction in 2007 so she couldn’t have done everything wrong; but she has learned a lot about writing (and the publishing process) in the intervening years and she knows she could have done better.

It was Carolyn’s husband, Colin, who suggested she put the three together. It would be an opportunity, he argued, as her strongest critic, for her to deal with the errors. She could make it easier for readers to see the whole story; she could make it easier for readers to understand what was behind all the misfortunes and heartbreaks that occurred in the Donaldson family and that, despite their individual flaws and failings, they were not, ultimately, entirely to blame.

So the three volumes, over 380,000 words, are being reduced and refined into one. It will still be a long book (currently 267,374 words) but, as an e-book does that matter when it tells the whole story? It is difficult to fully explain the experiences of the extended Donaldson family through the Twentieth century in fewer than 650 pages.

Iniquities will be available in the summer of 2020 as an e-book and (probably) a limited edition paperback. Carolyn knows this keeps getting pushed back... It's taking longer than she had hoped!

Published: Sometime in the summer of 2020