This week last year in A Set of Lies

LibraryA lot was happening in Yarmouth this week a year ago.

On Wednesday 4th June Skye Lacey met her father and was told that she was to leave The Lodge, her home on the Isle of Wight which held so many secrets.

On Thursday 5th June she had a phone call from Fergal Shepherd, a man who worked for her father, and reluctantly accepted that he had to visit The Lodge to make an inventory.

On Friday 6th June Skye met Fergal for supper at The George in Yarmouth and decided she had to trust him.

On Saturday 7th June she shows him what she has found and he shares her suspicions. After an urgent phone call Carl Witherby arrives on the island and the quest begins.

On Sunday 8th June, after one day, Fergal returns to the mainland and Skye and Carl try to work together. Skye does not want to spend the time working through all the books in the library.

On Monday 9th June, after another tiresome day for Skye though fascinating for Carl, Fergal returns to the island and progress is reviewed.

They have only until the end of the month before Skye has to leave The Lodge…….