Book Tour!

Anyone in Ludlow, Shropshire?

I will be at the Castle Bookshop next Friday (13th February) from 10am till 12pm hoping to interest you in Her Parents’ Daughter (and my other titles). I will also be happy to discuss my self-publishing experience and offer – not advice, I wouldn’t presume – any benefit that may be gained from my, very individual, experiences. I am looking forward to renewing acquaintance with the Charlton Arms and the Church, not to mention the shops – I wonder how many of my once regular suppliers still survive three years after I left….

Anyone in Heswall?

I will be at Linghams Booksellers next Saturday (14th February) from 11am till 1pm. It’s a few years since I was actually on the Wirral though I have spent much of the past ten years there in my head as four of my six books have been rooted in my life there in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Changed beyond all recognition is the phrase that springs to mind.

Hoping to see you there….

Here’s to 2015

2014 has seen HER PARENTS’ DAUGHTER out into the world and 2015 will see the next one A SET OF LIES published in June (though available before that!)

There are still six months to go before official publication date (28 June 2015) but so much is happening. The book is back from the editor and final amendments are being made, the cover has been designed and the marketing information (press release, author information) written and approved but the ‘to do list’ grows ever longer. Marketing materials have to be designed (posters, postcards, bookmarks, business cards, point of sale material), contacts made in 2014 relating to HER PARENTS’ DAUGHTER have to be maintained (newspapers and magazines that did reviews, bookshops that did signing events) and, of course, the web-site has to be updated and pre-orders to be taken…….. Luckily it’s Christmas so the world quietens down and stuff can be done!

I hope 2015 is a good one for all my readers, and, of course, everyone else.


Book Clubs

So far there have been three winners of the competition for spotting the anomaly in Her Parents’ Daughter – one in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, one in East London and the third in Somerset. I understand the book is being subjected to The Yarmouth Book Club members’ scrutiny, so I expect they’ll be more …..

Talking of book clubs – Highly Unsuitable Girl was the Summer Book for the Book Club of Pilton, Somerset (thanks Sylvie & Malcolm Drake). The (almost!) unanimous decision seems to have been positive.

Any more book clubs out there, get in touch – I’m happy to supply copies at a very good rate….. and also answer any questions you may have.


Book Signings Continued…..

This coming Saturday morning, 1st November, I will be at Ryde Bookshop, 135 High Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2RJ between 10 am and 12 pm to talk to anyone who cares to meet me – whether they buy signed copies of HER PARENTS’ DAUGHTER or not!
I look forward to seeing you there….

PS I’ll also have copies of my other books available…..

PPS Thanks to those who talked and bought at County Press Shop, Newport, Isle of Wight last Saturday including ‘Beanie’ from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Anomaly Competition

Anomaly Competition!

When I was a teacher back in the early 70s I used to check that my classes were concentrating by inserting something completely daft into my discussions.

For example, when talking about the formation of volcanoes I would mention men and women working deep underground turning on taps to allow lava to flow or when discussing the reasons for the development in Roman times of a settlement where London has developed I would make the suggestion it had something to do with the location of Heathrow Airport……

The idea was to jerk pupils out of their complacency by saying something so completely, utterly and obviously wrong that they just had to respond.

I have done something similar in all my books and I have done it again in the first 100 copies of Her Parent’s Daughter.

This time the anomaly is the basis of a competition.

Contact me via this website with the details and the page number.

Tell me your name and address and I will send you the 3 volumes of The Iniquities Trilogy by way of reward.

Changes and Apologies

Summer is over and it’s been a busy one. No competitions were won (not even by Liverpool FC) but the exciting news is that the new book Her Parents’ Daughter is going to be ‘out there’ soon. It leapfrogged A Set of Lies which will be published in the spring of 2015.

For this, my fifth book, I’m doing things differently.

Firstly, after 8 years with Troubador, I have decided to change publishers and am now trying New Generation – we shall see how that goes but so far so good (I think).

Secondly, since having a stock of books is the last thing a self-published author wants to be left with I’ve decided – on the strong advice of my husband Colin – to go with Print on Demand. I took some convincing but fingers crossed the quality will be as good as NGP say it will be. Her Parents’ Daughter will, of course, also be available as an e-book in all tablet formats.

Finally, after comments from several of my readers I understand that the genre of this book is Crime/Thriller. Re-reading the previous books I understand that this should have been the genre for all but Highly Unsuitable Girl.

Once the physical book has been seen and approved I begin the rounds of Sales and Marketing. Shops and Press on the Isle of Wight will be harassed to take stock and coverage and then the press and shops in Ludlow, Shropshire, where I used to live and where some of the book is set.

Fingers, as ever, are firmly crossed……..

PS – A note on the title.

Her Parents’ Daughter was originally to be called Silver Birch but I decided on Her Parent’s Daughter because it is who the main character’s parents are that cause her all her problems. I did not know of similar titles. SO….

Apologies to Carlos Bernard, the actor who played Tony Almeida in 24, who produced a short comedy film called ‘Your Father’s Daughter’ in 2012.

And to Alice Pung whose book ‘Her Father’s Daughter’ was published in 2011.

And to Gene Stratton-Porter who had previously published a book called ‘Her Father’s Daughter’ in 1921.

How difficult it is to choose something totally original!