Into the second draft….

Second DraftI suppose it’s because it’s that time of year but there are so many things going on, so many things to do and to think about, so much work to do to clear the desks and the mind…… And it’s not just because of Christmas. But what with one thing – and several dozen others – I have not made the progress I had hoped to make in my second draft of the book which may or may not be called Another Thread (probably not!).
Progress is slow, so much slower than the initial writing as there are so many things to check and correct before I hand the manuscript over to husband Colin to read through and criticize and give me the ideas for the inevitable re-write.
Google ‘Second Draft’ and you find so much advice, so many horror stories, so much that is discouraging but every writer/author must do their own thing.
So what is my approach?
Firstly, with the first draft completed I know some of the seeds I have to plant earlier on in the plot.
Secondly, I have to correct spelling errors Word has failed to flag up.
Thirdly, there are the inevitable grammatical errors when some of the first draft was pretty ‘stream of consciousness’.
Fourthly, there is punctuation….. ‘Is this the end of a sentence or should I use a semi-colon?’ (I hate them – they seem terribly American). ‘Do I put a comma at the end of that section of speech?’ – but then I remember this is something my Editor will pick up (or at least their editing software will.)
And finally, in the best traditions of Just a Minute, I am having to recognize and remove ‘hesitations, repetitions and deviations’.
In three weeks I am less than one third of the way through, though with the Christmas break coming up maybe I will get the document to Colin by 2016.
Happy Holidays!