Local Businesses

IMG_0236Where would I be without the help of local businesses in getting my books out into the world?

Thanks to Ron Donaldson and his team at Holdings of Yarmouth; to Kathryn, Shaun and Ade and all at The Wheatsheaf; to John and Claire at The Bugle and to Philippe Blot at Off The Rails. All of these local businesses help to keep Her Parents’ Daughter and, most recently, A Set of Lies in people’s minds – residents and visitors alike – when selling books is not really their main function!

Thank you all – you are great!


Press Coverage

You can never get enough press coverage for new books. How many are published every day? How many can get noticed? How many get bought? How many find their way onto television or film screens? Probably one in several million (unless of course you are already well known then you’ll sell and be snapped up by a film or television production company even if what you’ve written is utter rubbish).

Thanks, to www.islandecho.co.uk for doing your bit to help to get A Set of Lies (which is not utter rubbish) noticed!

A Set Of Lies Island EchoSee the article properly at http://www.islandecho.co.uk/news/yarmouth-author-publishes-new-historical-novel .

Many thanks also to Holdings of Yarmouth and The Wheatsheaf Inn (also in Yarmouth) for stocking (and doing their best to sell) A Set of Lies and Her Parents’ Daughter.

What happened next ….

IMG_0218As arguments hit the national press about who, or what action, actually won the Battle of Waterloo (undoubtedly the coalition of forces led by Wellington but not necessarily Wellington himself) I press the case for looking at what happened after the defeated Napoleon surrendered to the English.

After all, here he is, standing proud in his uniform, in a garden on the Isle of Wight.



IMG_0205Now A Set of Lies is available it is time to set about the marketing and that means photographs….

The Lodger helped as I set up the books but he found the waiting around a little tiring. Napoleon Bonaparte was also a bit of a pain as he kept falling off the pile of books and, unfortunately, has chipped a bit from his bicorne hat. (You can just make him out standing back on top of the stack.)

One of the resultant photos will (hopefully) soon appear in the Isle of Wight County Press.

A weekend in numbers

Five hundred and forty five miles, three nights in hotels, two bookshops, contact with five old friends re-established, two Valentine’s Night dinners, one celebrity wedding missed, only seven pubs visited, thousands of words spoken to interested/ing book buyers, never enough books sold!

Thanks to Stanton at Castle Bookshop, Ludlow and to Peter and Eleanor at Lingham’s Booksellers in Heswall on the Wirral for their hospitality, support, encouragement – and coffee.

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