6th June

portrait with pendantIn A Set of Lies, on 6th June 1820 Josephine Marie Olivierre was born in the first floor bedroom of The Lodge on the Isle of Wight. She was the only child of Claude and Patience who survived past infancy.

In the 68 years of her life she never left the island and only ever lived in the house in which she was born. She married her neighbour and cousin, William Lacey, and had one disappointing and difficult son.

In all her life Josephine knew nothing of her father’s history. She was never told, and she never discovered, who he really was and she never knew of the message hidden in the locket he had given her and which she had worn when her portrait was painted.

The portrait and the locket are important clues eventually picked up by her great-great-great-grand-daughter, Skye, as she tries to solve the mystery in A Set of Lies.