Carolyn McCrae

Picture of Carolyn McCrae

Carolyn was born in Hoylake, on the Wirral peninsula of Cheshire in 1950 where she lived, on and off, for her first 22 years.

After five years teaching in South London and a number of office jobs in London she started her (still functioning) database marketing consultancy business, PS Direct, in 1983.

After moving house more than thirty times (Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Cornwall, Shropshire, the Isle of Wight, Devon) she has returned to Kent and currently lives with her husband, Colin, in Worth near Sandwich, Kent.

Writing is something she have done for many years but it is only as retirement beckons ever closer that she has had the time to work on all those ideas and turn all those scrappy notes into books that she hopes people will buy – and enjoy reading!

Those books are much influenced by her life experiences, as all books must, to some extent, be. But, and she will stress this till the cows come home, they are not autobiographical! They do, however, all reflect her abiding interest in history.

All her books are set precisely in time and place and she does her utmost to be true to the events of those times and places as they influence the lives of the men and women whose stories she relates.

That is the official version.

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